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Consumer Resources


Natural gas leaks can be very dangerous. During the cold months in San Diego, SDG&E helps customers detect gas leaks. Think that you may have a leak? Here’s how to find out for sure: or call 1-800-711-7343. #ESPSDGE

Safety Tip of the Day:

Think you smell natural gas? Don’t hesitate to have SDG&E come check for you.
It’s Free! Call 1-800-711-7343 or visit: #ESPSDGE

Although SDG&E adds a distinctive odor to natural gas to aid in the detection of leaks, you should not rely on your sense of smell alone to determine if you have a gas leak. Watch this video and learn more about how you can protect yourself from natural gas leaks: #ESPSDGE

Handling Emergencies:

Leaking gas from any damaged pipeline or gas meter could cause a fire, explosion, property damage and serious bodily injury.

Follow these guidelines if you encounter a leaking gas pipe or meter:

  • IMMEDIATELY and SAFELY EVACUATE the area and from a safe location, call SDG&E at 1-800-411-7343 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • CALL 911 promptly after leaving the area if the damage results in a natural gas leak that may endanger life or cause bodily harm or damage to property.
  • DO NOT light a match, candle, or cigarette.
  • DO NOT turn electrical devices on or off, including
  • light switches.
  • DO NOT start an engine or use any device, including a telephone, which could cause a spark.
  • DO NOT attempt to control the leak or repair the damaged pipe or meter. Do not use or turn off any equipment that could cause a spark. Motorized or electrically powered equipment or vehicles may create an ignition source if a gas leak is present. Safely abandon any motorized or powered equipment or vehicles. Gas leaking from a plastic pipe can create static electricity that can ignite the gas.


Below are some valuable programs to assist  you with your energy available through SDG&E.

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The videos remind us that all communities have a role to play in our energy future.

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