We connect people with services or resources, which will meet their needs or help solve a problem they are experiencing.

We provide resources to help consumers secure housing and information regarding adaptive housing services.

We provide workshops to develop independent living skills in areas such as personal care, coping strategies, financial management, social skills, and household management.

We provide peer support through listening, teaching, information sharing, and other like services to our consumers.

We work with an individual or group to resolve an issue, obtain a needed support or service or promote a change in the practices, policies and/or behaviors of third parties.

We assist youth with disabilities in the transition from high school to adulthood and empower them to live more independently through advocacy, information/referral, peer support and independent living skills training.

We utilize all of our core programs and services to assist individuals with disabilities residing in institutional settings to move back into the community.

We work with consumers referred by the Department of Rehabilitation on employment preparation (resume, applications, and interviewing skills), job development, placement and 90-day retention.

We provide Education through community outreach and one-on-one services on devices, objects or tools used to help people with disabilities live, work, and learn as independently as possible.

We provide services to individuals who are 55 years of age or older, blind or have low vision through the provision of low vision training, adaptive equipment/assistive technology, communication skills, daily living skills, self-advocacy and transportation assistance.

We assist people with disabilities in better understanding their financial benefits.