GARY De PIERA (Personal Account)

An extended hospital stay led me to convalescent care in North County, far away from the security of a home my partner and I had been sharing with a friend. When our friends’ landlord decided to convert the apartments to condominiums, we had to move, leaving us in a homeless position.

Access to Independence worked diligently with my partner to provide me with the peace of mind knowing that we would have shelter and a place where I could continue living independently upon my discharge and allowing us to best concentrate on my healing and medical recovery.

The services I received from Access to Independence have always been outstanding, delivered promptly with a smile, and thoroughly explained. They have helped negotiate with potential landlords and start up household living, providing clothing, food, available funding, and more.

Access to Independence has brought us peace of mind with the security of knowing that I can continue to live independently in my own home. We remain in constant gratefulness for the folks at Access to Independence. Currently we attend ongoing contact with them by regularly attending workshops to gain better tools to become pro-active in my independent living, medical needs, emotional, and personal welfare.

Gary De Piero